David vs. David

It's what everyone is talking about right now. Or at least me. Here are my thoughts about the whole American Idol Season Seven finale, voting, and such.
First, that opening with the boxing business was ridiculous. Did you notice, though, that they said they were fighting for a title reserved only for the best then showed Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Chris Daughtry?! In case you missed it, he came in FOURTH place. That was pretty weird.
I've been a fan of David Cook's since the beginning. Since my girl Carly left, I've been voting for him every week, as I did last night. I think he's just a better overall performer than David Archuleta. Now I've never said that I don't think Archie sings well, because he does. He has a great voice, but he is just SO boring! It's the same slow ballad every week. The one time he tried to sing an upbeat song (last week: My Boo) he failed miserably. David Cook rocks my socks off. He's a better interviewee. He has more personality. He's bold. He has self confidence. I can't say any of that about David "Aw, Shucks" Archuleta. Good kid. Great voice. Not great performer.
David Cook SHOULD win, but I really think that David Archuleta WILL win. And here's why.
I've been going back and forth about how I think voting is going to go. Based on the fact that two weeks ago, ol' Ryan told us that when there were four people left, the top three (Davids and Syesha) were only one million apart each. Jason's votes seemed to probably be split between the Davids (since Syesha went home), with (I'm guessing) more toward Cook. Now the determining factor, you would think, would be where Syesha's votes would go. I think Syesha's fans are more likely to vote for Cook, making him come out on top. Archie's fans are clearly preteens and grandmas. I thought that it would also help Cook that his demographic (probably around 18-40 year olds) is so large and have been watching American Idol for a while. Something big hit me last night, though. As I was calling in to vote, I was getting a busy signal quite a bit. Somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of my calls were going through, so much of my time was spent with votes that don't count. However, based on what I know about teengers, the 12-17 year old voters all have unlimited texting on their phones. That means every one of their votes counts, because there's no busy signal on texts. I think that fact alone may push Archuleta to win. Hopefully not, but that's what I'm thinking.
It really may be better for Cook not to win though, because then he won't be forced to sing the horrible stuff Idol makes their winners sing for the first year. He will be allowed to sing whatever he wants, and make him more likely to be successful (see: Daughtry). Either way, I think he'll have the most mainstream success of this year's contestants. Hopefully Carly too.
Who do you pick?


  1. That is so funny! We said almost the exact things in our posts! I'm hoping David Cook wins, but the texting thing is a big part of the votes I'm sure!