Birthday Part Three and Four

Since I wanted to watch American Idol on my birthday, Jon and I went out on Friday. I could pick where, but since I spent almost the whole day outside with D on Friday, I didn't want to have to come home and clean up, so I just picked an outside activity. We went to the Arkansas Travelers (double A) minor league baseball game.

The opening act was midget wrestling. Midget. Wrestling.

Also, Belvis... Black Elvis

It was a popular night, so we ended up sitting on the grass in right field.

It is a nice little stadium.

My friend Brandie was there and her dad works for one of the sponsors of the team and had really great seats. We got to sit with her after a few innings.

Plus we got a closer look at Belvis.

When we were about to leave, I noticed that somebody had been having some fun in the bathroom stall I had gone into.

Sunday after church we went to Jon's parents' house for Birthday IV!
Candice and Wes had taken Alyssa Kate to some place that had face painting the day before.

We had homemade potato soup and homemade carrot cake, both by my request. They were delish.

Then Alyssa Kate helped me blow out my candles.
Such a cutie! (And almost a big sister!)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You celebrate as long as you can. Such a cute picture of Alyssa Kate and her Aunt.