Museum Day

Since I started working again, I'm trying to plan fun things for us to do on Saturdays. Jon works Saturdays, so it's usually just me and Jake venturing out.

One week we went to the children's museum.

They had a dinosaur exhibit at that point. 
Jake enjoyed it.  
Despite how it looks here.
I was honestly SHOCKED at how big 
the triceratops head was. HUGE!

They have a cute little kid play area to explore.

Of course Jake liked the pirate ship.

They had a really neat shadow wall where your shadow was multi-colored. We spent the most time here. Jake really had fun with it.

Making a hurricane. Or something.

It was wicked hard to pull him up on this. 
I'm not sure why. 
(See the black line on the left?
 That's me pulling him up with the rope.)

A little tennis ball bowling.

Doing the weather report.

I was there too.

After the museum and lunch, we stopped by our almost-every-Saturday stop: Petsmart. Or as Jake calls it "The Dog Fair". These little guys were too cute to not take a picture.