Easter: It Was 2 1/2 Months Ago

Yes. We celebrated Easter. By going to FIVE egg hunts. FIVE.

We did one with some kids from church. They did some activities before including follow the leader. They were walking backwards here. Jake carried that stick the whole time.

Jake only got two eggs. 
Everyone else got like 20. 
He got two. 
It was sad.

The day before Easter we scouted out churches 
having free hunts for the public.

He did better on this one because they 
did the "Everyone Gets Ten" rule.

Thanks for the hard candy.

Church #2 didn't go as well, as parents were not allowed into the hunting area. But some teens felt sorry for him and gave him some big handfuls of eggs. Good ol' teens.

They had cute inflatable Easter decor everywhere.

They also had a fun train that went around the church.

Easter Day
Put your kid on a swing. 
He'll sit still for a picture!

He found the Elmo egg!

He totally won our front yard egg hunt.

He loved his HUGE Dinosaur Train coloring book.

He went to town coloring apparently 
evil dinosaurs on his new table.

Cracking the eggs.

Jack really wanted to help.

That baseball in a baseball is exciting!

Baskets make excellent hats.

And lastly the hunt at Mimi and Pop's house.

Jake found rocks.

They made it really hard for the biggest kid.

Jake enjoyed hanging with his BFF/second cousin (?) Joey.