Pirate Parrrrrrrrrty!

Jake turned three waaaaaaaay back in March. He is ALL up into pirates (see: Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney), so we had a pirate party. Here are a few of the highlights and favorites. If you care to see more pictures, I have some more on Facebook.

This was the only three seconds that he had on
the bandana and eyepatch the whole party.

The party table.
I actually bought that tablecloth on clearance last
summer thinking we would have a Cat in the Hat party.
Totally worked for a pirate party too.

Pirate ships and buried treasure cupcakes.

Another birthday banner courtesy of Cricut.

Jake: Every Six Months

Everyone got an eyepatch, bandana, tattoo,
and sword when they came in.

Treasure to take home.

The favorite game: Dig for Treasure

Pirate Fishing

Toss the Gold Doubloons

Walking the Plank with Granna

Cupcake Time!

Happy Birthday Jake!
(Two and a half months ago!)


  1. Can't believe how big Jake is getting! Where has the time gone? Also...really love seeing a pic with all three of you. Was beginning to wonder about Jon! :) (never saw him in any pics.)