The Lego Duplos

Jake got a 200-piece box of Lego Duplos for Christmas. Then played with them EVERY DAY for about four months. He's recently found something new he plays more, but man we played a lot of Duplos. We still play with them when I'm tired of the other thing. So here are some pictures of our creations over the past many months...


ALL of the pieces end-to-end.

Ramp for the cars.

Time Tunnel for the Dinosaur Train.

A building with all the pieces.

We love to make "tall towers". This one has all the pieces in it.

A train.
Trees, a pond, some bridges, and a building.

More tall towers.

He can reach shockingly high.

I was very proud of this helicopter that I made. (Me, not Jake)

The craziest thing we've made with all the pieces.


  1. I'm really impressed he didn't knock down the towers before you finished them. Trey has a habit of knocking them down before we can get them too high! Looks like hours of fun though!