Easter Time

We celebrated Easter two times this year. Jon's sister is a nurse on the weekends, so we had our family celebration on Friday night so everyone could be there. Friday afternoon we stopped by the bank, and there just happened to be these lovely flower bushes out front.

So I stuck Jake in them.

While people walked by.

Then we headed to Mimi and Pop's house for Easter!

We started out with a delicious dinner.
Then we went outside to get a few cousin pictures.
The girls wore their Easter dresses, but Jake just wore a nice shirt.

Aunt Candice leading the kid train to the perfect photo spot.


And we're ready for the hunt!

Jake found his first egg.

He took a little break mid-hunt for some sliding.

Uncle Wes helped him out with one
that was a little bit out of reach.

On a mission.

Having fun shaking some noisy eggs with Caroline.

Back inside the kids got their baskets and toys.
Jake got a golf set!

Perusing the basket.

Checking out the eggs.

Today it was just the three of us... and everyone at church.

In his spiffy duds before church.
He wasn't keen on looking at the camera.

After church we stopped by a park to get some pictures.
(It's the same place I did his 18 month pictures.)

Jake and Daddy.

That red bridge I love.

Yep I'm cool.
With a trashcan in the background.

Yippee! Waterfall!

I decided it would be best to do our at-home egg hunt and such after nap. However I left the eggs in his room during nap, so he just hung out in his room while I put the eggs out after he got up.

The Easter basket... with much thanks to Crayola.

"What is this stuff?"
(It's egg shaped sidewalk chalk.)

He LOVED the Elmo book.

Then outside for some egg-huntin'.

Going UP the slide to get one.

This one's fun to shake!
(It has 41 cents in it... just like I got every year forever.)
(One of each coin.)

Showing off his loot.