Happy Fall!

It's the third post tonight! I've figured out that if I just sit at the computer and grade papers while the pictures are loading, it's way more tolerable. So hopefully I'll be posting more regularly now. Hopefully.

I love Fall. It's the end of that huge gap between Easter and Halloween where there's nothing to decorate for!

We got our first little pumpkin. Jake loved it.

I loved our first REALLY little pumpkin because it kind
of looks like an apple. But as you can tell, it's already
rotting around the bottom. Mwah-mwah.

While looking for a pumpkin, I found this one that
had apparently been stepped on by a woodland creature.

And then there was the big porch pumpkin.

Right after I took this, Jake pushed it off
the porch and the stem broke off.
Guess I won't be doing this this year. Sad face.

Fall also means Jake gets to start
wearing his new cute long sleeved stuff.
Except that it's been 85 ever since this day.

He has these super cute pajamas that he wore only one night. I took lots of pictures because he barely fit into them, due to fatness of belly and head, and they were kind of itchy.

Fall also means college football.
Which I barely care about, except for A&M.
And see, Jon loves Arkansas. They played each other a few weeks ago, but I was at home alone with Jake, so I got to dress him. :)

He kept walking around saying "baaaaaaaaall".


And of course Halloween.
Two seconds before this they were both upside down.

And I had my camera on the wrong setting when I took this cute picture, but by the time I changed it, everyone had moved, so this is what you get.