Summer Adventures, Week 1

I started back with the nanny family this week. I'll be there until the beginning of August. Since Jake has to nap every afternoon, I'm trying to plan fun things to do every morning until lunchtime. I think I did a dang good job this week. (And I'll try not to post as many pictures next time. This is a bunch.)

Monday we went to the pool.

He LOVED being in the water.
No surprise, based on how he acts in the bathtub.
Also, he looks like the Gorton's fisherman.

Taking a juice break.

Trying on last year's sunglasses.

I'm too cool for bunny ears, C.

Warming up poolside.

Tuesday we went to pick blueberries. For real.

So great! And the boys loved it!

Finding the good ones.

Jake wanted to help.

Just pick the blue ones... it's easy!

"Boys, look at the camera!"

Checking out our bounty... only $4.00!

Crawling around the house with D.

There's a lot of space to crawl around in here!

Wednesday we went to the water park.

Enjoying the lazy river with Aunt Candice and Caroline.

He kept wanting to put his face in the water and drink it, so I had to lift up the front of the float to keep his face out. He thought it was funny.

Waiting for D to come down the slide.

When is he coming?

There he is!

Thursday we went to Jump Zone.

C's a strange one. He had on pants that probably fit a year and a half ago but wanted to keep them on. So I told him to go get socks and shoes before we left, and this is what I noticed when we got to the Jump Zone...

"C, why do you have on women's shoes?"
"Because they're the only thing I could find that fit."

Bouncing is fun!

He spent most of the time practicing sitting down
and standing back up at the bench...

...and crawling around vaguely camouflaged into the carpet.

Bouncing with his girlfriend.

We slid down together!
(He really did enjoy it, despite the face.)

Jumping wears me out!

Friday we went down to the playground and
fountains at the River Market downtown.

Jake relaxed in the shade...

...while the boys climbed the rocks.

Jake enjoyed the view...

...while the boys played on the playground.

I'm coming, D!

I wish I could go higher!

They are all boy.

Can I go play?
(He will another time. I just didn't want us all
nasty for a birthday party tonight.)

Hey mama! Thanks for the fun week!

Just chillin out.

"Do something dumb with the statue."

This is the rest of my summer.
More adventures to come...


  1. What a great week! Can't wait to see next week. Looks like Jake is a master at keeping up with C and D! Way to go Jake.

  2. Looks like lots of fun. Jake seems to enjoy playing with the big kids.