Television Programming

I haven't talked about TV in forever. I still watch it. Last night was the end of an era. I've talked about LOST quite a few times on here.

It was at the very top of my list.
I started watching it at the beginning: September 22, 2004.
I was 23 years old.
We weren't married.
I lived in Fort Worth.
We got married.
We lived in Texarkana.
We live in Arkansas.
I got Jon to start watching around season 4.
Now we watched it together.

This was October 2006 for the season 3 premiere.
I watched it at Sarah's house because Jon wasn't watching yet.
That shirt doesn't fit anymore.
Jake wore it back in February.

Bye, LOST! What a great six years.

The other show...

I pick Lee. Jake likes Crystal.
They were both my favorites from the beginning.
At least the best two made it to the end!


  1. This is the first year we've watched American Idol as a family. The whole family sits and watches and we stop the show often to talk about the we thought their performance we feel about the judges' comments, etc. It has been a lot of fun. We haven't missed a show! It will be a bit sad when it's over.