The Cookie Making Adventure

How To Make Cookies With Your Nieces
While Watching Them At Their House

1. Buy this awesome Crayola cookie kit on clearance after Easter.
2. Add the small amount of wet ingredients to
the ridiculously large amount of dry mix.
3. Use a spoon to mix.
4. Give up using the spoon and just do it with your hands.
5. Divide the dough into four parts, mixing the
three primary colors into three of the parts.

6. Let Alyssa Kate mix the primary colors
to make the secondary colors.

7. Have her pose for the camera.

8. Put all six colors (plus "white") into separate bowls for creating.

9. Let Alyssa Kate make the sun on a paper plate.
10. Try to move the sun onto the cookie
sheet, subsequently mangling the sun .

11. Decide to just let her make the
cookies directly on the cookie sheet.
12. Hand some dough to Caroline to let her mash.
13. Continue helping Alyssa Kate.
14. Look back at Caroline to see nothing in her hands. Ate it.

15. Check on Jake. Yep. He's good. Just shaking some Cheerios.

16. Realize there is a ridiculous amount of dough
here so decide to make a cookie pizza.

17. Let Alyssa Kate fill the tray with... a polka dot cookie, the sun, ("Caroline's" flower), a layer cookie, a ladybug, a green snake, a flower, and an orange snake.

18. Pick your favorite - the smiling ladybug.

19. Go to put the cookies in the oven.
20. Find out the cookie sheet doesn't
fit in the oven in their new house.
21. See if there's any way to move the cookies to another sheet.
22. There's not.
23. Try cooking the cookies with the door part
open, rotating the tray every 5 minutes.

24. Check on the girls. They're oblivious.
25. Realize the door-open strategy isn't working
because there is no heat left in the oven.

26. Check on Jake. Still good. Eatin' a puzzle.

27. Think (knowing exactly what's going to happen), "Maybe if I put these partially baked cookies in like this, they'll finish baking before sliding down the tray."

28. Not quite, genius.
29. Set cookies out on counter, hoping for
them to harden to eating quality.

30. Share the yummy and successful cookie pizza.
31. Put everyone down for a nap.
32. Realize after cooling that the cookies are
not edible since the bottom halves are still gooey.
33. Carefully move the cookies to another cookie sheet.
34. Finish baking.

35. Be excited that, four hours later, the cookies are now edible.
36. Try to recognize what each one was supposed to be.
37. Use the rest of the neverending dough
to make some swirly cookies.

38. Swear to check the pan size beforehand next time.


  1. Wow - that turned into quite the undertaking! But at least you killed plenty of time doing it. I really do like that cookie dough. You are a fun aunt. The girls are lucky to have you!

  2. Yes I concur- a fun aunt indeed! If anything I thought the pizza would bomb on account of its size. It was gorgeous though! Are you sure it wasn't play-doh?

  3. The girls had so much fun! The cookies were also very good, so thanks for the extra work!

  4. I like the ladybug cookie the best. And you're way more dedicated to the completion of that than I ever would be. Love knowing the cookie sheet no longer fits in her oven, I might need to take that off her hands :)