11 Months (and 3 days) Old!

One month left in the first year! I did take these pictures on his "birthday" but was busy all weekend.

11/12 of a year old!


Everybody now: "Hey, ho, hey ho..."

As of late:

He's learning to pull up on things.

Some times are better than others.
(FYI: He still doesn't crawl or roll over or attempt to walk when standing, so we have had an evaluation and he will be starting physical therapy soon.)

Jake enjoyed his first Super Bowl.

He has started pointing at everything.
He also waves hi and bye,
but I don't have a picture of it.

He currently is chewing on everything again.
His top teeth are coming in.

He LOVES making loud noises with both his voice and with objects. This past week he discovered what I like to call his Banshee Yell. It's loud and proud. He also likes banging on things. Like bowls or...

He figured this one out really quickly.
Also, pardon the disaster area behind us.