First Christmas Part Two

I attempted to keep this brief. I don't think I succeeded.

We got to Fort Worth on Tuesday. That night we went to a little party.
Jake played with Sam, the ring bearer from our wedding.
(See picture here.)

Wednesday night Jake wore this onesie
that I forgot we had as pajamas.

Thursday night we were excited for Christmas. Jake wore his cute bib from Mimi. (There were a lot of Christmas items that needed to be worn in a short period of time.)

Jake played with Daddy.

Jake got to see his first fire.

He enjoyed watching it.

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas eve!

Checking out the tree.

He got cleaned up and into his pajamas
and said good night to Grandude.

Christmas morning... His stocking from Santa.

And behind it was his stocking from Granna Santa.

Merry Christmas!

"I have reindeer on my feet!"

His funny face he makes a lot these days.

Yay Christmas!

His sweet First Christmas bear from Aunt Candice.

Playing with his new trucks from Santa.

With some of his new stuff from Granna Santa. (The hat and shirts)

Jon was excited about his Razorback cup from Santa.

With Granna and some of his stocking toys from her.

We then got dressed and had lunch when the rest of the fam showed up. (Stockings were really late.) Jake enjoyed one of his stocking toys while we ate.

Then he ate and fell asleep, so we had to wait for presents to start.

My uncle Jack (and Jigga the dog) took a nap too.

Jake enjoyed one of my presents: a basket to put his toys in.

All of his presents: pre-opening.

"Oooooo... what could it be?!"

Helping unwrap the presents.

Playing with his toys from Mama and Daddy.

The loot from Mama & Daddy, Granna & Grandude, Uncle Josh, and my aunt and uncle, Emily & Jack.

With Mama in front of the tree.

First Christmas as a family. Aw.

Hugs from Daddy.

Looking at the tree with Granna.

Playing with his toys with Uncle Josh.

Then he had to change into one more get-up. Unfortunately I gave him some congestion medicine which was unfortunately red and a few minutes later he unfortunately drooled that red back out before I got a clean picture of the shirt.

And finally his cute bib from Granna.

We're still in Fort Worth until Tuesday. When we get home: First SNOW! (My camera with the video on it won't connect to my parents' computer.)


  1. Love all the Christmas outfits! He's a cutie.