In the Pool!

A few weeks ago Jake and I took the boys to Wild River Country. Jake didn't have a swimsuit, swim diapers, or a float yet, so we just hung out in the shade...

At the Wave Pool

Napping on the beach chairs

Chatting while the boys played

Just plain ol' bein' cute

But TODAY...
We had the float.
We had the swimsuit.
We had the diapers.
We went back to Wild River country.

Are you sure about this?

It sounds cool to me.

Ok. Let's go already!

Let's go!

It took a minute to get the balance right.

And it took three minutes for it to start raining.
But those three minutes seemed pretty enjoyable in the float!

So Jake was happy hanging out under the cover again while the boys played in the rain.

It started thundering and lightninging so we had to leave shortly. Hopefully we'll get to try out the water again soon!


  1. Looks like he enjoyed the sun for a short while! I haven't been brave enough to take the kids by myself yet. I like going with DJ when we go.