He Doesn't Quite Get It

Preface: I've always had a large number of words that I hate. I won't name any of them, so that you may not torture me with them. As I've gotten older and been around people with children, that list of words/phrases that I hate has grown to include ones related to children. They include, but are not limited to "play date," "pack 'n' play," and "tummy time." This is related to "tummy time" or as I have decided to call it "Neck-sercises."
Jake has a ridiculously strong neck, as seen in my post a few days ago. He loves to practice lifting his head when lying on your chest. Like so:

But he HATES to be on his stomach on the floor. You can see in the following pictures that he's not at all thrilled be in this situation. However, he also doesn't seem to get what part of his body he's supposed to be lifting. It's kind of hard to tell, but he's lifting the entire bottom half of his body, from the waist down. Skillz.


  1. Gymnast.

  2. Those pictures are too funny. He is very strong, but that looks really uncomfortable! I'm not sure I could do that! Cute!

  3. Your Jake is just the most adorable baby!

  4. I meant to comment the other day :) I love these pictures. He totally gets it, at least in his world he does!