28 Weeks!

This is going fast! So here I am at 28 weeks aka 7 months aka cauliflower-sized baby.
Technically, 27 weeks was cauliflower-sized, but 28 weeks is chinese cabbage, and who's gonna eat some of that? And also, can you buy that? So it was either 27 weeks cauliflower or 29 weeks butternut squash. I pick neither, but I figured someone would be more likely to eat the cauliflower. The End.
Oh, and yes, that's a different backyard. We took it at our house this month.

Important facts at 28 weeks:
Baby Name: Will be announced in the coming month!
Belly Button Status: Still an innie and still has some depth to work with! Yay!
Hair: Not falling out at alarming rates anymore like it was about 10 weeks ago.
Nails: Growing very fast, but they always have.
Complexion: Awesome, except for this red rash looking thing on my chest that has gotten way worse since pregnancy. It doesn't itch or burn and isn't hot or anything. Just ugly, but I've managed to hide it in my monthly pictures.
Breathing: Very difficult when sitting back or lying down. Makes sleep quite enjoyable.
Digestion: Very difficult when sitting back or lying down. Makes sleep quite enjoyable.
Feet, legs, and back: Only hurt when standing for eight hours at Target on the weekends, but that will be over next week! Yay!
Weird things: I've started waking myself up with random grunts or snorts when I'm just about to fall asleep. It's embarrassing, but I think it has to do with pregnancy congestion, so I have an excuse.


  1. That is funny. I wake myself (and sometimes DJ) up at night with "pregnancy congestion" too. Sleeping has become a pass time I will not get to enjoy until about a year from now.

  2. love the veggies...and i need your address for your xmas card, and jon's been meaning to call your hubby FOREVER! does he have jon's number? we need a number for you guys!

  3. Wow! I can't believe you are 28 weeks already! You are looking so cute with your baby bump and vegetable every week! I think the lack of sleep during the pregnancy is preparing you for the time to come...waking up every 3 hours around the clock!

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  6. Yea for 28 weeks! I have a great butternut squash soup recipe if you want a squash baby recipe.

  7. Yay for 28 weeks, let the countdown begin...oh wait we've been counting already right?

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