Pumpkins, Teaching Skillz, and A Missing Tooth

I haven't talked about the kids in a while. So here's what we've been up to. Last Monday, the older two were out of school, so the boys and I went on a search for smallish pumpkins to paint. (It was harder than you think.) After finding them, we took them back to the house and went to work. Here are their creations:

I have no idea what D is doing with his face/neck in this picture.

Here's D's: A Nerd. The yellow on top is his blond hair. That great white mess at the bottom is his buck teeth and his body.
Here is C's: A Rocker. His right hand is holding a guitar.

His left hand is giving the peace sign.

My pumpkin was going to be a cute one-eyed purple monster. It got as far as painting the pumpkin purple and the stem red. It took too long for the paint on the pumpkin to dry and it kept chipping, so I quit.

So I've been teaching D Kindergarten and it's going really well. This time last year, he couldn't recognize all of his letters. This is what he's able to do now:

I'm so proud. Also, he lost his first tooth this week. All week long I was trying to convince him to let me pull it out since it was amazingly just barely hanging there for days. He finally pulled it himself on Thursday night and said it didn't hurt. Maybe he'll let me take care of the next one sooner, which won't be too long from now, since the one next to it is already loose. Here's the snaggletooth: