16 Weeks

Quick blog... We got the internet and cable at our house yesterday afternoon (just in time for TV Premiere Night to the Max!) but somehow in the move, my computer has decided to only stay on somewhere between 5 seconds and 2 minutes at a time. Kind of makes it hard to accomplish anything online, so I'm quickly doing this at the job.

Here I am last Sunday at 4 months aka 16 weeks aka avacado-sized baby. I had another growth spurt of my belly the night before, and I was especially poochy that day, so we'll see how it compares to next month's picture. They might not be too different from each other. When he took the picture, Jon said "Are you pushing out your stomach?" "Nope, just way bigger than yesterday at this moment in time."


  1. AAHHHHHHH BABY BUMP!!!! lovin' it.

  2. You look too cute!!

  3. Aww. That pictures is great.

  4. Ashley, you look great! I felt the most beautiful when I was pregnant!

  5. Yay for growing avacado baby! You look great!

  6. Check out my blog...you've been tagged! :)
    Oh, and I love the new picture!

  7. You look so cute pregnant!

  8. Cute belly, cute picture! Did you make anything with the avacado afterwards. ;)

  9. Yay for the 4 month picture, you're much better at documenting your growth than I am. Maybe because I don't want to realize just how much growth there is!!! I like that you describe it as poochy. Just wait for that pooch to grow into a bowling ball - will you still be smiling?!?