Baby Update - 12 Weeks

Ok, since I never went back and told the whole story...

June 27th morningtime: Took these little babies... say WHAT?!
June 27th afternoontime: Went to Barnes & Noble and bought Jon book
June 27th eveningtime: Gave Jon book (seen below) with picture (seen above) taped inside

June 28th: Coincidentally invited by Candice (Jon's sister) to come to their house for dinner along with Jon's parents... perfect timing!

Took this cake to tell them.

Also took this shirt for Alyssa Kate to tell them, but decided on the KABAM strategy of showing them the cookie cake rather than the "oh look at that!" strategy of the shirt.

July 4th weekend: Went to Fort Worth, you know, to see the fam because I have time off work and it's the fourth of July. Oh yeah, and we're having a baby. I gave my mom the picture-in-a-frame, my dad the ugliest Grandpa shirt ever as a joke, and my brother a homemade "Uncle Josh" shirt, which he loved.

A great picture of the cutest grandparents-to-be ever.

Here I am at 8 weeks aka 2 months aka BEFORE.
There's a great thing I found here that tells what size fruit or vegetable your baby is each week. I planned to take a picture with said fruit or vegetable each month, but 8 weeks was a kidney bean and all Jon's mom had was a can of them and I didn't want to waste them, so we went without it the first month.

Alright, something went berzerk in my eye in this picture, but here I am now at 12 weeks aka 3 months aka lime baby. I woke up last Tuesday morning, August 19th with a belly. For real. It wasn't there the night before, then suddenly it was. Ka-pow!

Limey baby.


  1. Girl you look skinny! That was my first response. And how cute are you!?!? I love the fruit/veggie pic idea. I love it. I love the picture-mentary of this. I miss you!

  2. Aww. I like the food/belly idea.

  3. You are too stinkin' cute!

  4. oh....lil lime!

  5. you are so funny Ashley! what a great idea about measuring your baby with a fruit or veggie. That way you will remember exactly how big the baby was every month! too cute.

  6. Cute idea! I loved reading about what food my baby was...made grocery shopping alot more fun! lol!

  7. You are so amazing! I love limey baby and can't wait to see what other fruit he/she becomes by the end of it all!

  8. Very cute idea! I love the way you told your family and I know they were all so excited! Glad you are feeling better too!

  9. Cute tummy!!! You're looking good. :)

  10. Cute. I wondered how you told everyone. Good ideas!

  11. Yay!! Congrats! I like how your outfit matches your fruit baby! You'll have to keep up the matchiness. Hope you are feeling back to yourself soon without the yucky nausea.
    And Jon's face when he's holding the book is so funny! He is so excited! Very cute!