Let's Play A Game - We Have A Winner!

It's called Guess What This Is.

Clue #1.: It is not something that came out of someone's body.
Clue #2: I took this picture in April.

Well, actually two half-winners. Combining Brandie and Jennifer's guesses... it's the pollen that I cleaned off of an outside glass table in April. Very gross.


  1. I'm almost afraid to take a guess... maybe brown sugar mess? I guess its not Mustard? Great hand prints on the napkins! More clues!

  2. That is incredibly nasty! I will need more clues in order to make an educated guess, but for now I will say it is all the dirt and grime you wiped up from the boss fam's house when you were cleaning. Like Amber said....more clues, please.

  3. Oh, by the way, I'm glad you finally got around to changing your latest post from Stupid Dr. Pepper. :)

  4. My guess is dust from the top of a refrigerator.....?

  5. Or maybe something Jack dragged in.....?

  6. I am guessing the pollen from your car or somewhere outside.......?

  7. Sick! Okay, from looking at it it reminds me of what Laney throws up. :) However, I enlarged the picture and it looks kind of sandy like. So I am at a loss.