Tire Suicide

Thursday afternoon my back right tire was really low on air, so my boss man, who happens to own an air compressor, inflated my tire. I just figured it had gotten low since it hadn't been inflated in three months. It seems it was the same problem that I had with my last two flat tires. Luckily my last two flat tires happened while my car was sitting in the parking lot at our apartment in Texarkana and in the parking lot at my school in Texarkana. Not so with this one. I was driving 65mph on 630 in Little Rock. And my tire committed suicide. I had my windows open while driving to save gas on air conditioning and heard a really loud noise. I thought it might be my tire, but then I thought it was the car next to me. I slowed down a little to see if it got louder when they passed me, but no, my car then started to shake. Well, gotta get over to the right lane. At that particular place there was actually no shoulder, so I had keep driving just a little further until the shoulder appeared.
Thanks to the designers of the freeway, the very narrow shoulder goes right up against a hill up to the street there, so there was NO room. I climbed over and got out of the passenger side. I called Jon, who was way out in Egypt at his school working on his classroom, but could be there in 20 minutes. I called my sister-in-law to see where her husband was, but he was out at their house, just as far away. She called my father-in-law, who happened to be on his way home from work and would pass by in about 10 minutes.
At this point I started unloading my COMPLETELY FULL trunk into the backseat of my car to get to the spare tire. (I keep a bunch of education stuff in there for the boys.) A few minutes later, BUD, some guy, pulled up and jumped out of his truck. "Please don't murder me." I told him it was ok - that my father-in-law was coming in a few minutes, and he said he could have it fixed before he got there. "Please don't murder me." He grabbed stuff out of the back of his truck and I continued to unload the trunk. Just as he finished fixing it, my father-in-law pulled up behind us. Bud said, "Told you I could fix it before he got here!" And he drove off. "Bye! Thanks for not murdering me!"