A Few More Baby Pictures

I went back to the hospital today to hang out with the babies some more.

Me with the nieces

She loves her baby sister.

I caught this shot. Not unsimilar to the one I got of Alyssa Kate 2 1/2 years ago.
Seen below.

Then she opened up her dark blue eyes to look out the window.

The babies then visited each other. This was when Sally found out that Candice got a post-delivery steak dinner and she had to have a roast beef sandwich.

Comparing the babies' massive amounts of hair. Caroline wins!

Boyfriend and girlfriend

Candice giving Sally some baby advice

Me and the mamas and the babies

The parents and their new babies


  1. GOSH THAT HAIR! So nice and thick, and DARK! What a cutie she is. I know you are a proud Aunt. Have fun with that baby.

  2. those kids have some serious hair! it's so cute!