Pray It Up Y'all

Jack with Jon's get well balloon from Candice and Alyssa Kate

Jon has had migraines his whole life, but they have been really bad for the past two months. He has been missing a lot of work and is miserable. He has tried several different medicines and didn't really experience any relief. He had an MRI a few weeks ago which showed nothing, so tomorrow (Friday) morning he is getting lumbar puncture/spinal tap around 8:00am. We will be at the hospital for 4-6 hours afterwards for recovery. He then has to come home and lay completely still for 24 hours then extremely little activity for at least 48 hours after that.
Prayer needs: He's planning on asking for only local instead of general anesthesia because he has always been very nauseous for hours afterward being put under. Please pray that they'll let him do this, as well as that he'll be able to handle the pain. (He's a tough guy!) Pray that he'll recover quickly and that the doctor will be able to use the information to figure out what's wrong with him. He will go back to the doctor next Friday to find out the results. Thanks everyone! Love you guys!

Update (1:00am Friday night/Saturday morning): We came home at 2:00pm today and he's been resting. The only pain he's having is in his back, you know, because of the big needle. He has medicine that has been taking care of that. He had a headache and was nauseous at the hospital, but all of that has gone away and he has been able to eat some and take a shower tonight. Thanks for the prayers!


  1. We'll be praying for you guys. Hope you get some answers from all this!