How About Funny?

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty scared.

So apparently these are back.

This weird sticker was on the inside of a pair of fleece pajama pants I got.

Because one squirrel bumper sticker just wasn't enough.


They're pretty sure you're going to show up.

Ron Paul is pretty hard core in his campaigning techniques.

I love a good misspelling. Can YOU find it?

Ah, our neighbors.

This year's presidential race is brought to you by the color blue.

I'd brag about that too.

It just looks really funny.

C'mon, Today! You can do it, Today!

I just felt so sorry for these two people (above and below). It's like 30 degrees outside and they are being forced to stand out there and miserably wave a traffic driving by. This was two different days. And it's for a store that will do your taxes. I saw a third one again recently.

I would have liked to have been in on the meeting when they decided which words would go where on the back of this truck.


  1. Thanks for those pictures. I was very impressed that the guys who put the warning on the back of the dump truck were so optimistic. 300 ft!! wow. In Houston you'll get shot if you follow 100 yrds back. I mean really do you need a whole football field for a safety zone?

    I also will starting being super careful about what doors I use to exit. Termination is bad. I sure don't want to be terminated from my job, and if I don't work there....well I wouldn't want that version either. --Dirk

  2. I love these pictures! Made me laugh!

  3. Do you think that dirk was being funny when he compared 300 feet to 100 yards (two comments above)?

    Also, my dad is a main"tan"ance man. It just means he can fix things and look great doing it.

    I laughed out loud at the word placement on back of truck.