Lost Recap Part 1

I had been rewatching Lost from the beginning and decided late last week that I was going to rush through and try to rewatch all of it before season 4 starts on Thursday. I have been watching a bunch of them on one fast forward on the DVD player so that it is going twice as fast but I can still hear the sound and read the captions. Starting ten episodes in to season 2, I watched 6 episodes Friday night, 9 episodes Saturday, and 5 episodes Sunday night.
I have been writing down things I have forgotten, things that did not mean anything the first time but meant something now that we know more, and things that might be important in the future. So here is the list so far in chronological order from the middle of season 2.

I had been watching and seeing when they saw the scratched up legs with no shoes in the jungle and thought there might be other Others since the real Others live in houses. I kept watching and I had forgotten that Kate found those costumes in that locker in the medical hatch.

I forgot about that time Sawyer spent a whole episode searching for that tree frog. And then squished it at the end.

When Ben/Henry was being held by them, they gave him a book and he said something like "You don't have any Stephen King?" This is weird because if you remember in the season 3 premiere Ben wasn't invited to the book club because Juliet knew he wouldn't like the Stephen King book. Hmmm...

The pregnancy test that Sun took was made by the Widmore company (Penny's dad/sponsor of Desmond's boat race). Again.... hmmmm...

The first time the countdown clock went to zero and started flipping to the symbols was when Sayid was interrogating Henry and Jack wanted in there to stop him. He held Locke down until he let him in the locked room and by the time Locke got the code in, the time had run out. No biggie. I just forgot about it.

When Claire was being held by Ethan, the following conversation happened (as best as I can remember):
Zeke/Mr. Friendly: What happened? You were supposed to make the list and THEN bring her here.
Ethan: I couldn't! They knew I wasn't on the plane. They had the manifest!
Zeke/Mr. Friendly: What am I supposed to tell HIM?
We still don't know who they're talking about. Jacob?

I forgot that Claire hadn't scratched Rousseau because she was trying to take her. She scratched her because she was trying to help her get back to the camp after Alex helped Claire escape from the medical hatch.

Jin was the problem in the Jin/Sun baby making problem. I forgot. I also don't think I realized that the guy that taught Sun English was the same one that their parents had originally set them up with each other. They liked each other, but the guy said he was moving to America to marry some girl. I guess that didn't work out.

Since Rose was healed by the island, she said she didn't want to leave. Bernard told her that even if everyone else left, they'd stay if she wanted to.

I completely forgot about Jack's dad and Ana Lucia meeting in the airport and her moving to Australia with him kind of as a bodyguard. They said they wouldn't go by their real names. She named him Tom, which I'm not sure if it has a significance, but he named her Sarah, as in Jack's wife's name. One night she took him to the house of what we later found out was Claire's mom, wanting to see his daughter.

I think Ben/Henry Gale (I don't know who else it could have been at that point) told Locke that he was one of the good ones and that he had been coming to their side of the island for him.

Libby's husband's name was David. He was the one that owned the boat that she gave to Desmond to race around the world for Penny's father. That name David may come up again at some point. I've heard that Libby will still be in some more flashbacks in the future.

When Sayid, Jin, and Sun sailed around to the other side of the island to meet where Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley were going with Michael to meet the others, remember Sun was on the boat when the Others took over. The girl that Sun shot told her that the others are not their enemy, but will be if she shoots her. And then she did.

I forgot about when Locke used to live in that commune that was growing the drugs.

I also forgot about when Sawyer went to prison for the long con of that lady and then the warden let him out for conning another prisoner into telling him where some 10 million dollars was that the guy had gotten from someone. He also has a daughter by that lady named Clementine.

Locke and Charlie were chased by another polar bear, the one who eventually dragged Eko into the cave and almost killed him. Locke used that torch and hairspray contraption to scare him off.
One of the Others said to one of the other Others when Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were in their captivity and Jack was about to do Ben's surgery that Jack wasn't even on Jacob's list.
Hmm... Jacob. What's that guy's deal?

Ok. That's it. I'm also compiling a list of all of the yet unanswered questions/things they haven't explained. Or at least as many as I can think of. I'll share them all and Recap Part 2 when I'm through. That'll probably be late Wednesday night.