That Was Easy

Working for a purpose just got way easier today. I have this awesome thing I want to buy:

The Canon Digital Rebel XTi. I'm in love with it. I decided about 6 weeks ago that I wanted to start saving $20 a week from cleaning from now until my birthday in May and then save my Christmas and birthday money from my grandparents. Added all together I would be able to probably afford it by June. I also decided I would track my progress on here so I could share with others in my excitement. I knew I was going to get paid today so I already made this chart last night to put on here:

But then Jon's great-grandmother (who, by the way, I JUST found out existed) sent us a check for $100 for Christmas. That's $50 for me! Plus the family I work for gave me the rest of my Christmas present (to go along with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets): $250! I'm now suddenly almost half way there!

The website for Canon says the suggested retail price is $600 but I haven't seen it for less than $700. With taxes and other things I'll need to go with it such as camera bag, memory card, etc. I expect that it will be about $900. Keep watching over on the side for how much I've made. It will make a big leap again next week after I get my Christmas money. Looks like I'll be getting it a little earlier than June! Yay!