Kid Quotes 81-100

"My dad is brilliant! His last name is my last name!"

"I only have to break one more blood vessel before my tooth will fall out!"

talking about the water cycle... "You mean that I have the same rain as Davy Crocket? and ELVIS?"

Kid: You don't act like a teacher.
Me: Oh, why not?
Kid: You don't wear clothes like a teacher.
Me: I dress too nice to be a teacher?
Kid: Yeah!

talking about Jon...
Kid: Is he a principal?
Kid: No, not yet, but he wants to be some day.
Kid: Well tell him, "Keep dreamin', pretty boy. It's not gonna happen!"

Bugs movie on field trip: "the mantis approaches its mate with seductive movements"
Kid to her mom: "what does that mean?"
Me: "Yeah mom, what does that mean?" :‑)

after touching the snake... "My snakey hands are snakey"

"Who invented ladybugs?"

Kid 1: "Einstein invented that m c squared thing"
Kid 2: "nu‑uh! I did!"

Kid: I want to tell you a secret, but you can't tell anyone.
Me: OK
Kid: Are you an angel?
Me: uuuuum, no
Kid: (whispering) well I am!
Me: hm. really?
Kid: Yeah! I do the angel tree thing.

Kid: Do you like gremlins?
Me: the movie?
Kid: yeah ‑ I like it!
Me: Yeah, me too. It came out when I was little.
Kid: So it's REALLY old?

Kid: What did you get for your birthday?
Me: Well my parents bought me a hammock and my brother got me a nintendo game (I still have my old school nintendo and greatly enjoy it)
Kid: What's a nintendo?

So this one girl did one of her worksheets completely wrong so I was explaining what she was supposed to do. After I was done...
"Wow! That's not even CLOSE to what I did!"

"I'll give you all the money I have to not send home that note!"

Kid: How much does it cost to have a wedding?
Me: It depends on how big it is. It's several thousand dollars usually.
Kid: Well who pays for it?
Me: Mostly the bride's parents.
Kid: You have to help right? Like you need to start saving money.
Me: Yes I do.
Kid: Well I need to save money for college. My parents are going to give me $8 for college.
Me: And you have to save the rest?
Kid: Yeah! Can you give me $129 for college?
Me: Is that how much college costs?
Kid: Yeah. Maybe it costs even $1000!

On my answering machine when I got home from the last day of school: "Hey! This is (Naaaaaaaaame). I just wanted to know. Miss Hartman. If I could stop by some tiiiiiime and say hiiiiiiiiiiii and get together. (long pause) That'll be all! Bye‑bye!" click.

New Year. New Awesome Group of First Graders. 2004-2005

"I wanted to have Mrs. Nicholson, but then I realized that you're better."

"What's fun about school is that you get a new teacher every year."

After school, walking by the room hearing me talking outloud to myself: "Why don't you just say it inside your brain?"

Kid: I need to go to the bathroom.
Me: Ok, I want you to ASK permission.
Kid: Oh ok. I need to go to the bathroom. I need to go number one.


  1. Those quotes are so funny. You could almost put together a book... You were smart to write them all down. I liked the video of you singing. So cute.