1990 vs. 2007

When I was in 4th grade (in 1990) I had a crazy awesome teacher. For the Christmas program that year we rewrote 12 Days of Christmas as the 12 Things My Parents Gave To Me. It went as follows:

12 Nintendo Games
11 Pretty bows
10 G.I. Joes
9 Slap Bracelets
8 Basketballs
7 High Top Sneakers
6 Hula Hoops
5 Designer Jeans
4 Turbo Hoppers
3 Ninja Turtles
2 Barbie Dolls
And a baseball signed by Nolan Ryan (of course)

Very late 80's/early 90's, right? (Yes, I have extremely good memory. I basically remember everything I ever had to memorize.) Today I went to the boys' Christmas program at their school and the third graders did the same thing. I taped the last verse for you. I like to call it 12 Things My Rich Parents Gave To Me:

12 Concert Tickets... to Hannah Montana!
11 Hog Hats
10 Webkinz Pets
9 Ninja Turtles
8 Pairs of Shoes
7 Potter Books
6 Pokemons
5 Golden Labs
4 Flip Phones
3 iPods
2 Nintendo Wiis
And a 60 inch plasma tv

It's weird how both the 1990 and 2007 version have Ninja Turtles.


  1. Okay, where are the pictures of the Polar Express play date!??! I've been looking everyday. Very fun..thanks for hosting it!