100 Things I Don't Like

I DID include people, shows, and movies on this one, unlike 100 Things I Like. I also again included links for more information or just for entertainment on some of them. The closer it is to the top, the more I dislike it.

1. Mustard
2. Onions
3. The sound the blinker makes
4. Bad spelling/grammar/punctuation
5. The sound of paper/plastic/chip bags crinkling
6. Colloquialisms/Idioms/Cliché phrases (dime a dozen, kick the bucket)
7. Roaches/beetles
8. Spiders
9. Snakes
10. Scrubs
11. Poker on television
12. Hearing the electricity coming out of the tv
13. Wet carpet
14. Swater (hand soap with extra water added)
15. Anything to do with needles/shots/blood drawing
16. Kitchen sponges
17. Those grates that go down to the sewer on the sidewalks downtown
18. Driving in the rain (especially at night)
19. Any and all beans or peas (except refried beans – totally different)
20. The font Times New Roman
21. People who wear Bluetooth headsets all of the time
22. The song Happy Birthday
23. Cursing (including God/Jesus)
24. When people use words incorrectly
25. Parents who laugh at their children’s misbehavior
26. The smell of brown paper towels when they are wet
27. Newscaster banter
28. When one of my foods gets on another one of my foods
29. When we don’t sing Christmas songs at church in December
30. Making the bed
31. American Beauty
32. Taking out the garbage
33. Revolving doors
34. Yellow gold
35. Coconut
36. When I forget to wear a watch
37. Driving over a lake or other large body of water
38. The word “clique” (and many more words)
39. Grading papers (when I was a teacher)
40. Cold weather
41. Public restrooms
42. Germ-X
43. When my pen runs out of ink
44. Not ever seeing my best friends
45. Ice on my car windows
46. Oversleeping
47. Big dogs
48. Running out of hot water
49. Changing the clocks in the fall
50. Texas Tech University
51. Going to the eye doctor
52. Cleaning the bathroom sink
53. Folding laundry
54. Shaving
55. Sarah Silverman
56. Kids with a snotty nose
57. Cats
58. Lightning (when it’s close)
59. People who don’t wave “thanks” in traffic
60. Molly Shannon
61. Dry contacts after a nap
62. Humidity
63. Those painful bumps you get on your tongue
64. Ficus trees
65. Conan O’Brien
66. When people ruin a movie
67. Long fingernails on guys
68. When people get “creative” with their kids’ names (name itself or its spelling)
69. Cutting my toenails
70. Pain in my surgery foot
71. Rachael Ray
72. Turtlenecks
73. When my watch battery dies
74. Unnecessary blinker usage
75. Radio that’s just talk
76. When people don’t return their cart in the parking lot
77. Getting my oil changed
78. Belts worn on the outside of shirts/dresses
79. Clowns
80. Awesome leftovers that go bad before you eat them
81. Taking the dog out to do business
82. When people don’t pronounce the h on a word that starts with h
83. When they get your food order wrong
84. Captchas
85. Not having any milk for breakfast
86. Oprah
87. When the battery dies on my camera
88. Tyra Banks
89. Ponchos
90. Ponchos
91. Pancho’s
92. Bad/ugly presents from close friends or family
93. How many people use the word literally incorrectly
94. When people say “could” instead of “couldn’t care less”
95. Shrek
96. Go Tell It On The Mountain
97. Martha Stewart
98. When people open their cell phones in a movie theater
99. Backwards toilet paper rolls
100. Knowing that as soon as I finish this I’ll think of something else that should be on this list instead.


  1. So funny, we share many of the same dislikes!! I hope you had a great Christmas!! Thank you for the Christmas card!

  2. this helped me come up with ideas for my homework :)

  3. how come you don't like Oprah and tyra banks?

  4. How does anyone hate scrubs? If you hate scrubs you should add yourself to that list because you probably have incredibly low self esteem. Seek psychiatric help immediately.

  5. haha... we share some dilikes, and bananas95, same! and buy the way you put ponchos twice...you must really hate them. And what did shrek ever do?

  6. And yor opinion matters why????

  7. this is so stupid how can u not like tyra banks and oprah. what are you racis

  8. I also do not like Scrubs...its not that funny

  9. Hello,
    we also share many of the same dislikes! It's funny because you've helped me with my homework too, I have to write about things that I would like to banish away forever. When first starting to read your list I thought 'what a coincedence' because one of my ideas for my homework was onions! Anyway, my point is, is that I found your list very enjoyable to read and I'm sure it will be very helpful to me, so thank you :)

  10. holy crap you helped me with my homework too. i agree with everything except i don't dislike texas tech i hate them.

  11. his opinion may not matter, but you chose to read it

  12. i agree wiff like almost evry thang on this list... but i cant believe u dont like shrek!!!!

  13. When people spell words wrong on purpose

  14. Lol, nice one

  15. Rachael Ray and Conan Obrien should be tied for first on this list

  16. Because they don't like two black people out of all of them in the world she is racist? No, they are just annoying as Heck! I Like the list.

  17. nooo stop bing a pussy

  18. how come you dont like cats man u have no fucking life sucks to be you asshole

  19. you must be really boring if you don't like any of this stuff, honestly. have fun with your conservative, jaded and pretentious life.

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