Cat Attack-iversary.

File this one under "Stories I Should Have Told When They Happened, But I Wasn't Blogging Regularly At That Point In Time."

Today is Jack and my cat attack-iversary.

I got home from work and went to take Jack outside to do his business as usual. He likes to chase anything he sees. Squirrels, birds, a leaf - you name it, he wants it. We saw a cat way down the sidewalk and he started to run after it. I stopped him on his leash and went to pull him back inside. We got right to our door and he turned around and started barking again.
The cat came flying around the corner and jumped right onto Jack. He screeched like a sound I've never heard from him before. A screech of pain. He turned around and looked at me and he had blood coming out of his eye. I freaked out and bent down to try to pick him up and the cat jumped on him again. I was screaming at it and kicking at it while trying to pick up Jack. Somewhere in the middle of this the cat jumped up on my leg. Luckily I wore pants and knee boots under them that day. After excessive kicking and screaming the cat finally ran away and I got Jack.
The extremely kind maintenance men came flying around the corner on their golf cart because they heard me screaming. I couldn't look at Jack's eye so I asked them how bad it was. They said it wasn't too bad but I knew I had to take him to the vet. We got in the car and I was crying thinking that my dog was blind. I drove to our vet only to find that our vet was freakin' "Closed On Thursdays!" I called my friend Sarah to find out where her vet was and she said she would meet me there since I couldn't get hold of Jon.
On the way to the vet I realized that my leg hurt. I pulled up my pants leg to see quite the injury. At the vet I asked for something to clean it off for now. They checked him out and gave him eyedrops and some pills for two weeks, neither of which were fun. I went back to the apartment, dropped off Jack, and Sarah drove me to the medical clinic for my leg. Since it was just scratches, and not bites, and since I had updated tetanus shots, all they did was clean it, and give me a prescription for antibiotics or something, but it sure hurt for a bunch of days.
The maintenance men told the apartment manager who called Animal Control. They had me give them a description of the cat and apparently set out a trap. Either they never caught anything or never set the trap. Nothing came of it, but I was scared to go outside for a while and had Jon take Jack out. He always carried a bat.
So here are the pictures...

In the medical express clinic waiting room. It was a really nice place. You can see almost all of the scratches I got in this one.

This was later that night back at home. The bruises were already starting to show. You can see I also had scratches below my knee and three smaller ones up on my thigh. All this from one jump on my leg!
(I had to wear windpants to school the next day so it wouldn't put any pressure on it.)

24 hours later

Three days later - This was probably the worst it ever looked.

One year later. These are my scars now. Not too bad.

And for anyone who was wondering, Jack has no lasting effects except a heightened fear of cats.

If you have also been attacked by a cat, I have made a group on Facebook for us victims. My friend said she thinks that a bunch of people have been attacked by cats so I made the group to find out. Join us!