Dear Arkansas,

Why is it so freakin' hard to get my car registered in your state? I went to your Revenue Office last Tuesday with my car title (which I had to have my mother send to me), proof of insurance, and birth certificate. Luckily my husband had warned me I needed to take all of these things because of all of your strange rules. I entered the building with the aforementioned items and proceeded to approach the desk. "I'm sorry, we need the signatures of both of the car's owners in order to switch it to Arkansas," your polite employee informed me. "All I need to do is have both of us sign this and we can switch it over," I questioned. She told me yes and that I could get my license now, since I did have my birth certificate. Do any of your other State Friends require my original birth certificate to get a license? Please let me know.
After getting my license, which required me to look at a camera at waist height, resulting in a ridiculous looking picture, I was told I needed to go to the tax assessors office first before getting my title switched. I wonder why you, Arkansas, require me to pay taxes on my CAR which I have now owned for 6 years. I wonder if any of your other State Friends also require this?
With my challenge of getting my mom to sign the title given to me, I left your building and drove to Fort Worth last weekend. Luckily I was planning on going already. My mom signed the title.
Today I returned to your Revenue Office and signed the title in front of another one of your polite employees and asked to switch the title to your fair state. He proceeded to tell me that both car owners are needed to sign the NEW title to switch it to the state, so my mom would need to either receive a fax from you, sign it, and fax it back, or give it to me as a gift. If only my mom owned a fax machine. Now you are requiring my mom to either sell me the car I already own, or give me the car I already own as a gift via a signed letter.
I plan to return to your office next week with this signed gift letter. I hope there are no other secret rules that your employees tell me later. Also, please let me know if there are any other seemingly simple procedures in my future that you have made much more difficult.


  1. Very well written and enjoyable t read for a resident of the mentioned state.
    I still haven't eaten. Super hungry am I.
    I made a new Meez.

  2. Ugh. I could feel my blood pressure rise as I read this! I hate getting the run around. You sure are pleasant in your letter.

    I saw these blog and I thought of you:


  3. Well the people themselves were nice and there's no reason to blame them. It's Arkansas' fault.
    And Kathy, that quotation mark blog is one of the best I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing!