Habla Usted Ingles?

Just a quick opinion poll. I was at Wal-Mart recently and saw these two sections on the bread aisle:
I realize that the pictures are sort of fuzzy (because I was trying to take a picture in the bread aisle without attracting attention) but they make a point. The top picture is loaves of bread whose name and packaging are in Spanish with subtitles in English. The bottom picture is from further down the aisle and is a whole section that is entirely in Spanish. I know different people have different opinions about this, and I want to hear yours. Should we go into the stores, drive down the roads, or turn on the local tv networks in our English-speaking country and see products, billboards, commercials, etc. that are completely in Spanish? What do you think?


  1. I guess the real question is do we really live in a primarily English speaking country anymore? I dont really have a strong opinion on this issue, even though I know many, many people do. As far as I'm concerned, Spanish speakers should be encouraged to learn English--if only to get around and make sure you aren't getting ripped off. But is it wrong for businesses to market to Spanish speakers? I would say no. The only downside to that is that non-Spanish speakers like me will not be so inclined to purchase their products or services since I don't know what they are anyway. But no, I say if there is a market for it, then why do I care now who marketers target? We do live in a capitalistic society, so if Spanish speakers drive the market, Spanish it will be. We have to live with the consequences of living in a capitalistic nation even if we dont like the way it is worked out.

  2. I agree with thelittlefields.

    I get annoyed though when Spanish-speakers expect things to be in their language. If it is a Spanish product (like salsa or that Jumex juice stuff in a can that comes from Mexico), then yes, label it in Spanish. But for bread? In America? I don't think so.

    When Americans go to Mexico, we are expected to speak Spanish, so why doesn't the Hispanic culture learn to speak English while in America?

    And, does anyone else think it's ironic that America Ferrarra is hispanic?

    Then there's the debate of being bilingual. Ayyy, yi, yi.

  3. by the way, you sure do like taking pictures of bread. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Love you, shmo. (no c)

  4. I agree with Jenna... You come to our country, to come to the land of freedom, to get our jobs, and to make our money... learn our language. You would expect the same of us if we came to where you are from.

  5. Guess what you ignorant American pigs, its called Capitalism, exactly what your country loves. The store setup this section because it opens up their potential market. Go back to making minimum wage at WalMart and drinking beer out of a can in your trailer instead of attempting to debate something that is a result of your own culture.