Two Yearversary!

Well, today was (is) our second wedding anniversary. We went out to eat at a steak place and then went down to the River Market here in Little Rock, basically just to take a picture with a good background. Then we went and got some Shake's! (And no, I'm not adding an apostrophe to a plural. That's the name of the place: Shake's.) What an exciting night!

I saw this weird thing outside a club. Must... take... picture!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Our's is on Thursday!! Great month to get married in, good vacation month. Well, not when your in the middle of moving. We will be moving out of our house on our anniversary. YUCK!!

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! We are celebrating our 5th on friday. I'm so jealous of you guys getting some Shake's. I woud LOVE to have some of THAT. yumm......


  3. I hate to tell you this, but the actual name of the frozen custard place is Shakey's. At least, this is what everyone calls it. The were forced to change the name a few years ago because some place far away already had the name Shakey's. Therefore, all who knew Shakey's before the dreaded name change still refer to it as Shakey's, just to stick it to the man.

    Stick it with us, man.


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  5. Well, I know that it's PRONOUNCED Shakey's but I've mostly seen it spelled Shake's. There was one at A&M that was spelled that way but pronounced that other way. I know the deal, just not the history behind it. Thanks for the lesson.