I guess some pictures of us would be nice...

Since most of you would probably rather see us than our dog, here are some pictures from the last 6 months or so...

At the Botanical Gardens in Hot Springs on our One Year-versary trip in July. It was REALLY hot.

At the Astros Opening Day game in April. I even bought an Astros shirt for the occasion! (Ignore the drunk goofball on the side.)

Easter in Little Rock with the Sumnerses.

Being cheesy with Jack... and him really wanting outta here!

This was also on our One Year-versary trip to Hot Springs. We were on a Riverboat/Dinner Cruise.

A "family photo" we took last week. He is not choking the dog.

Close-up of The Family


  1. I miss you already! How are you doing I enjoyed your blog thing you wil have to enlighten me on how to do thiat thing you do. Sorry about the rims that sucks. I blew my 4 point. Got a B in curriculum. My first B in the Master's. I have decided I am def. leaving TASD after this year. Not sure where, but anywhere will be better than there. Maybe I will move in with you and Jon? OK just kidding don't freak out. Actually, my sis is thinking about attending Auburn for grad school. Auburn may be a nice change. Who knows what will happen in a year. Atleast there is hope!