Say hello to our new Rat Terrier puppy, Jack. We got him on the day before Valentine's Day from the Humane Society. He is four months old. Awwwwwww...

Carrying around his chew stick like a cigar.

Getting some lovin' from mama.

Now from dad.

Nap time.

Still sleepin'.

Close up!

Why are you down on the floor?

Posing for the camera.

Dad makes a good pillow.

Not so tight mom!

This is comfortable!


  1. Grammie & Pop love their new grandpuppy! He is such a cutie! Does he have Jon or Ashley' nose???

  2. jack is the most adorable nephew a family could have :) we can't wait to meet him!!!!

  3. hey jack welcome to the family! you may be cute but remember I was here first! :) maybe we can terrorize maxx and maggie together soon !

  4. We cannot wait to meet you! We will teach you how to chase squirrels, bark loudly, and get only the best treats!

  5. That is the cutest dog EVER. You guys are cute parents too . . . awwww.


  6. Jack is so cute that you should send it to the people who make the dictionary and ask them to put it by Rat Terrier.

  7. he is so cute. congrats "mom & dad"

    mylinda and john

  8. Speaking of posting more pics, you should post more pics of your baby. I know you guys are technically related, but I love the Sumners just the same.