Blog Searches

I thought this would be a funny thing to start posting. It's highly entertaining each day to look at my Get Clicky account to see all about who has come to my page. My favorite thing to see, though, is what people have searched for on Google to get here. They are funny for one of several reasons.
1) Why on earth is someone searching for that?
2) What does that search even mean?
3) I know exactly what that took them to on here and that's funny.

Here are my favorite things searched for in the month of Feburary. If it falls under catagory 3, I have made it a link:

  1. d-man 31 kayla Omaha [huh?]
  2. “captain sewer” [this was searched several times]
  3. funniest vehicles
  4. walmart desks
  5. kyle field home of the man [the 12th man, in case you were wondering]
  6. kid lactate boobs [Ha!]
  7. many stadiums
  8. judging distance from curb when parking
  9. people doing funny things
  10. sign: put toilet seat down
  11. ghetto living room
  12. the soul patrol is a scary bunch of people
  13. I got lance in my pants
  14. baskart history
  15. the worst attack by a cat
  16. what is david cook’s favorite color [I was wondering that myself.]
  17. funny aggie [Why, yes I am.]
  18. the thing 181 [Eh?]
  19. um cheese um [What in the world?]
  20. they looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears lyrics
  21. bottom of car scratches from curbs
  22. the street I 140 in little rock [I've never heard of that road.]
  23. marquees, funny, writing, hilarious
  24. stupid nasa
  25. punky Brewster truck bed [I want one of those!]
  26. Bluetooth Jackson
  27. "t***** b***" "tim tang"
  28. out door water bodies [As opposed to in door water bodies]
  29. American idol montage paula background Oklahoma music
  30. boy would be gassed by juliet video
  31. refried beans [mmmmmm...]
  32. sprinkler hanger
  33. i feel my sealf free
  34. david archuleta favorite color
  35. "poor susan"
  36. "they had once been made of rubber"
  37. myspace graphics from sonic wacky pack
  38. new 448 [What?]
  39. accidentes los angeles [Best bus ad ever!]
  40. black gİrl [That's vague.]
  41. scary but funny things

Entertaining or not?