Taylor Hicks Eliminated

If you have watched American Idol for any time at all, I hope that you would agree with me that Taylor Hicks is easily the worst of the six winners so far. I never liked him from the time his big gray head walked into the auditions. His dancing, if you could call it that rather than seizing, is awkward and hard to watch and his voice just isn't that great. I have no idea how he managed to pull in enough votes to beat Katharine McPhee in season 6.
Apparently some producers somewhere have decided that they agree with me because Taylor no longer appears in the opening credits. During the opening credits of the show, they show performances of the past winners in the background of the animation. The jerky awkward clip of the Taylor was shown at the very end of the credits last season (Season 6). Now that season 7 has started and they have a new winner, Jordin Sparks appears at the end and Taylor Hicks is missing. That's fine by me. He was horrible. When he should be shown you can see his body seizing up on the screen, but they don't show his face. (It's hard to tell on this video, but you can notice if you watch it on the tv.)
I taped the credits and showed them at regular speed, then I slowed it down to show you where each person is and where Taylor isn't. Waste of time? Yes. Interesting? Maybe. Do you care? Probably not.

You probably didn't notice this either, but during all of the auditions with all of the backgrounds that have the former idol winners on it, they never showed Taylor's picture. Again, fine by me.

Also: New poll about American Idol on the side. Looks like the last poll had the most people liking reality shows, but ready for real tv to come back. Luckily the strike is over and we can all rejoice. :)


  1. Love your comments and agree about Taylor completely. Just thought you'd like to know, your poll has been posted of several radical SP sites and they're doing their normal "flood the poll" thing. LOL Didn't you know, polls are the best indicator of Taylor's popularity. Sales are unimportant.

  2. Bravo for you and your keen insight. I couldn't figure out why the judges even let Taylor though to Hollywood. IMO, Taylor is a complete joke.

    Taylor winning AI was idols darkest moment. When such a limited singer who is so uncool, unhip and fugly can win American Idol because of a bunch of wacko, insane rabid obessed fans, who will lie, cheat and steal a win for that turkey, was just like watching a train wreck but I was unable to as was America to stop it.

    All better now though. Taylor is dropped. Hopefully never to be heard from again

  3. Agree that Taylor Hicks has been singled out and mistreated by American Idol. They're behavior has been inexcusably unprofessional. AI has demonstrated that the "America's Choice" part of the competition can and will be overridden at will.
    I love what AI does to help young performers. I don't like the abuse that has been heaped on this one. Taylor Hicks did nothing to deserve it. Shame on the weathly fat cats who use their power and money to hurt the little guy.

  4. As long as the current voting procedure is used on AI the possibility of winners who are unsuccessful after the voting ends is going to exist. Any fool knows there are multiple ways of voting that sway the results. Hence you get winners who far less successful than some of the runnerups. It's just as unfair to those who benefit from the crazy voting. I'm sure Taylor thought he had a huge fanbase.

    Fortunately it looks likes the judges are gonna help prevent that with better choices prior to turning the decision over to the public. At least this long time fan of the show hopes that's the case. Simon has never minced words about his dislike for Hicks, and, as usual, he was right all along. He never should have made the top 24 that year.

  5. Why so much hate to someone that never did anything to you? Have you seen Taylor in concert? No, I'm sure you haven't. He is a very talented entertainer, not to mention a very nice, sweet man. He is constantly working on charity events. Taylor is very handsome. I didn't realize how handsome until I saw him in person. I love his style of music, not this pop rock stuff that all sounds alike. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and Taylor has many, many fans. BTW, he wasn't "dropped" from his record label. It was a mutual agreement. Taylor wants to be free to record on his own and I am happy for him, instead of being until Clive's thumb. There are certain contestants that made the top 10 on AI that I don't care for, but I would never be so hateful to write a blog such as this one. Taylor will be fine. And I'm sorry you haven't gotten rid of Taylor. He will be around for a long, long time! We love you Taylor and support you!!!

  6. Well, Ms. Ashley Sumners,
    I'm very sorry to see that you are employed as a nanny. I shudder to think that there are parents who would allow their children to be in the care of someone so bitter. Your blog is venomous. All of your hatred is directed at a young man who has never done you any harm. He put his voice out there for the world to hear. He made some of us smile and enjoy music again. I'm sorry this wasn't to your liking, but I think you should look inside yourself and try to figure out why you would be making such vile statements about someone you don't even know. To do so in such a public way makes me think you must be seeking attention. Well, your adoring fans have parrotted you in your comment section. I'm sorry. I'm not a member of the Ashley Sumners Fan Club.

  7. I found this pretty interesting.

    My 4th Graders Valentines Assignment (2006): Write something nice about every person and give it to them.

    Why should your fourth graders write nice things about each other when their teacher is bullying someone she doesn't even know on the internet. How ironic. You are not much of a role model.

  8. I am wondering why you are so hateful towards Mr. Hicks - are you disgruntled because you're favorite didn't win season 5?

    You are a poor excuse for a teacher. Shame on you for your unkindness. What does this teach the children in your care? You would be better off working on your own faults, instead of blasting Mr. Hicks on a public forum. And you are Obviously quite proud of your comments, because you have the nerve to post your picture.

    I hope you never have access to my children!

  9. LMAO Looks like a bunch of disgruntled BALDY fans have found their way into this site. BALDY is so talented and wins so many awards. How many grammy's did he get when his deranged fans couldn't power vote for him? He went from being #4 to being 0-4.

  10. You're a teacher? How sad! Don't you have papers to grade or more things to pay attention to rather than taping the opening credits to see whether Taylor is there or not. Bashing someone because of how they dance and calling them names, very immature for a teacher. I think you need to go back and learn a little about live and let live! By the way....how does it feel to know your husband looks like a dork???

  11. You are the most vindictive and immature teacher I have ever seen. If my child was in your class I would pull her out in a second.....wonder what the parents of the children in your class would think if they read this. That would be an interesting poll....who will pull their child out first? or who is the most immature teacher around? Your heart must be full of hate to post such hateful things about someone you don't even know. Taylor won because he got the votes and even if I weren't a Taylor fan, I would still think you need to cleanse that soul of yours.

  12. I loved your blog!! You are dead-on about Taylor Hicks. He is the worst idol ever and should have never made it as far as he did. He was AI's joke, a joke that went too far. But he did win and then was dropped from his label and the best part is Simon's words about him becoming a wedding singer came true.

    I would encourage you to teach the younger generation that Taylor's music is the stuff not to do or sing, BUT, I can happily say with confidence, by the time the understand what and what not to do, Taylor will be back to singing in little bars . . . which should happen in roughly six months.

  13. My life isn't very interesting

    I can see why your life isn't very interesting. You are too small minded to have an interesting life.

    To call Taylor the worst idol ever is disingenuous. Long before he was on American Idol he was busy in charitable work for needy children and adults.

    http://www.studiobythetracks.com/ provides free art classes to special needs adults and children suffering with autism and other mental illnesses.

    http://www.kidone.org/ provides transportation to medical appointments for sick children whose families don't have transportation. Many young lives have been saved and improved.

    He organized a charity fund raiser for Katrina relief in October of 2005.

    He took donations for the Enterprise, AL tornado victims at the concert right after it happened.

    He has done many charity fund raisers for abused, sick and needy children and adults.

    I could go on and on but to say that Taylor Hicks is the worst idol ever is just showing your ignorance of what a decent, kind and caring man he is.

    You don't like his music. That is your choice, but what is the point of this obvious hatred for someone you don't know? Life is too short to waste on hate.

    You want an interesting life? Do what Taylor did and live your dream. He didn't settle for mediocre when everyone told him to get a real job. He sure looked happy on that basketball court Friday night. Make fun of him all you want, it won't bother him. It just highlights your pathetic life.

  14. I was going to leave a detailed opinion/comment but have changed my mind after reading your "100 things". I'll just say I won't waste my time after reading you are an aggie and you had a professor give you 4 fake credits so that you could teach. My only suggestion would be that you return to school and take your missing hours rather than teach under a false degree.

    Taylor played by the rules and won fair and square. How 'bout you?

  15. Teachers like you are the reason our educational system has gone to pot. I guess it's fine with you for your students to cheat for their grades, too.

  16. OMG! So this is the "soul" patrol? Nah it can't be. No group with the work "soul" in their name would post like this.

    This is America you people!! If this blogger doesn't like Taylor Hicks, she has that right! I think she's probably in the majority given the facts of his career since the show. I for one had NO idea what happened to him. But more importantly, I didn't care. Does that mean personal aspects of my life are yours to bash. NOOOOOOOOOOOO it doesn't!

  17. She can say what she wants but then she has to be able to take what she gives. ;)

    She put it on her blog about a professor lying and fudging her transcript so she could graduate on here. As a teacher she should be ashamed of cheating to get a degree, not telling the world.

  18. OK let's take Taylor out the picture here. Since I have the freedom of speech, I think it's horrible that you're teaching with a fake degree. I wonder what would happen if the school and the parents of your students found that out. I would focus on that more than anything in your life. Not good at all!

  19. The kids don't keep you too busy, it's insane to write a blog with content such as this, what a waste of life. American Idol's voting system is never going to change. Only the ones that didn't vote enough yell, kick and scream.

    Which artists do you like? Names please and I'll give you my opinion on them. Or give me the name of your principal, I'd like to find out how good of a teacher you are? I don't think you are a nice person - now that I have your name, maybe I should start a blog about YOU AND YOUR BLOG! That would be fair, right?

    Anyone that has a blog with a 100 things they like and thinks people are interested is nuts. You are far less of a person than the one you are writing

  20. I said his voice "isn't that great". I never attacked his character. I didn't mention anything about being dropped from his record. The point of the post was to say it's weird that he isn't in the credits anymore. It wasn't to attack your music choice. You like him. I don't. I know that I like some people that you don't.
    I write this blog for friends to come and read, which they do. That's what the 100 Things lists are for.
    For those of you concerned about my teaching degree, the university changed the degree in the middle of my sophomore year adding more hours to the program. The advising office worked with all of the students in the college of education to make sure they didn't have to take extra classes. That's what the extra hours were about. I'm not teaching anymore anyway.
    I'm sorry I've made so many of you upset. Like I said, I was just trying to point out that he was missing from the credits, not start a fight.

  21. ""I'm not teaching anymore anyway.""

    Those kids don't know how lucky they are.

  22. Ms. Sumners, you say the point of your post was only to say "it's weird that Taylor isn't in the credits anymore",when we all know it was more than that.

    You made fun of his dancing, his "big gray head" as you worded it and his singing and seemed elated that he wasn't in the credits anymore and insinuated that everyone should agree with your thinking. You say you posted this for your friends, I suppose so that they would agree with you.

    You put a poll on here for everyone to vote on, on the internet and to leave comments. Well you got them!

    As a teacher, practicing or not, do you always make fun of someone without even bothering to find out about the person they are. Is this what teaching is about? Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but expect people to react to your words. You offended many people.

  23. You have learned through this that you must NEVER upset the lunatics known as the Soul Patrol. They are a big part of why Taylor Hicks is such a failure. They are scary. These crazy fans go to any article that dares to print something bad about him and they POUNCE like rabid dogs. Taylor has been made aware of several instances of this. He is not really to blame, but he can't control the few insane "fans" who ruin it for the rest of us. Just try to disregard their venom, and know that most people think you are a topnotch person.

  24. This is unbelievable...do these people have a life? I mean really?? Get over it...everyone has a right to their own opinion!

  25. All I can say is, "WOW!"

    Those folks are seventy times crazier than my former friends. Reading that brought back those horrible comments last year.

    Sorry I've been MIA on this. I never get on the computer anymore. I would call them "morons", but I think that might just make them all angrier.

    And why is everyone anonymous? Never mind, I guess I would post my hate anonymously, too.

    Once again, WOWZERS!

  26. Ashley, well there's where the Fanatics have been - hating on you! I tried to warn you about them. Got your message on my "Observations" blog. Thing is you anger these folk and they'll be after any information on you they can. Too - if you were still teaching, they'd be calling your school. I'm not kidding. Man. It's embarrassing.

    I have a Taylor Hicks blog I started when he hit Idol. I like the guy but take his win for what it was, smart marketing. I enjoy his music, but I am a fan of many musicians. I happened one day to post on a controversial site in the world of Taylor Hicks and for that, and the fact I have a blog about him, became an overnight Enemy #2. Crazy stuff.

    You're as entitled to your opinion of the guy as anyone. So he's not your thing, it's your blog.

    Cheers, man.

  27. Ah jeez. As someone that is a definite fan (and old roomie) of Ashley Sumners let me tell what a GREAT person she is. She's the ultimate in friends and has outstanding and unblemished character. I would elaborate and use bigger vocab words but I have the flu.
    The kids she is a nanny for love her to death and so did the kids she taught- who all came to her wedding I might add. I don't even have the time it takes to tell you what a great person she is (mostlly because I have an 18 month old).
    Please don't take offense to an opinion that is just that and not a defamation.
    I happened to like Taylor by the way. I'm more t.o.'ed that Rueben won and proceeded to sing a song with a date in it.
    Love you Ashley!- This is Gillian I don't have a gmail account.

  28. It looks like those crazy Chris Daughtry fans are flooding this poll just like all the others in an effort to make the Soul Patrol look bad. How weird is it to do that!? WOW!

  29. I am LMAO. So, now ya wanna blame the Daughtry fans for this rudeness? Really? Don't you know the host here can trace the route you guys took to get here? How do you think she managed to post on TSOP? You made all those nasty posts, now be adults and don't blame another fanbase that probably hasn't the slightest interest in this. You are here because someone posted the link and told everyone to come vote.

  30. This is her brother... All of you need to get off her. You are all crazy to make such a big deal about her talking about an "American Idol". So what if she doesn't like the guy, get over it, it is just a tv show! All of you need to grow up and spend your time better than to attack a woman who gives her opinion about a guy that won a season of a tv show.

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  32. What's sad is that after I left the previous comment I started to sweat, "will they come after me? will they bombard my blog? what will they attck me for?"

    To be afraid about expressing an opinion about a perfomer on a reality show is pretty ridiculous.

  33. Dirk is annoyed that I linked to our blog. He doesnt want any backlash, so if you could just remove the url....he doesnt want any repercussions. Sad.

  34. Let's just count all the cowardly anonymous bloggers who so unkind left their opinions.

    And remember that Ashley leaves herself on this blog everyday, vulnerably.

    It's very easy for us to be cruel to someone via blog/email.

    How dare any of you claim to know who this wonderful woman is? I have worked along side her and know her love of children and her incredible skill to care for them.

    Attack her opinion for Hicks, not her abilities unrelated to that blog. And, maybe just once, practice a little kindness today. Try something different for a change.