Funny Things 101-120

This post contains a few signs that I decided to go ahead and show you.

This is one of the best things I had turned in to me as a teacher. An absolutely amazing map of the United States. As an answer to a math problem. My favorite parts are "ocean," "sea," and "Kansas."

It's like a traveling garage sale!

Yesterday I showed you the smallest thing I'd ever seen towed (a lawnmower). This is the biggest thing I've ever seen towed (by a regular truck).

All of your needs met at one stoplight.

The ad on the back is kind of dirty. ("I got Lance in my pants.")

Brightest car I've ever seen.

What the?

I don't really understand what this is all about.

Scariest thing I've ever seen in a Mexican restaurant.

This person doesn't understand how it's ok to take off the last 6 years' stickers.

Saddest little Christmas tree I've ever seen.

Weird ad on a weird thing.

Sure kept me out of there!

Biggest bone ever. (Compared to my size 10 1/2 foot.)

This person likes the pink tiger.

That's a little extreme.

Silly state park.

I guess someone was a little taller than 9 feet.

I wonder if this kid gets royalties for being a walking billboard.

Do YOU know the Muffin Man?


  1. I am continually impressed by your ability to capture these great images. I think my favorite in this group is the dud driving the car with the parking stickers. I guess if you have gone to school for 5 years you should show it off with your parking stickers!

  2. Dude, I just got that little jalepeno out of my nightmares and here you are putting him back in. Thanks.

    It's aamazing (that's right, double a) how many of these photos were taken with me either driving or riding sidecar with you.

    To the Littlefields: It might be impressive if those stickers were from a college not called Texarkana College.

  3. Just wanted to comment on "the brightest car you have ever seen" picture. There is a couple of cars in Paris that can top that that are rolling around. There is a bright yellow caprice classic on like 24's that with bright blue window tinting and spongebob all over the car including between the spokes on the rims which is also yellow. And then there is also a bright red car same model that is a super man car. Ill try to get pictures of them at some point for you and send them to you.