Watch Out For Curbs

I'm a good driver. I've never caused an accident and have never been pulled over. Every little dent and scratch on my 1994 Honda Accord is due to other people being too close to me in a parking lot or something. Until today. I've never been good at judging the distance to the curb when parking my car. This is an old picture of my car...

Notice that there is a black piece of plastic under the front left side, but not the front right side. This is due to the fact that I repeatedly ran the front of the car into curbs, eventually knocking that whole side loose and it ripping off about a year and a half ago. That was lovely.
Well today I was taking D to the park and pulled up a little too far once again. It hit the curb and I backed up, but I heard a new horrible sound that I'd never heard when backing off the curb before. The looks on the faces of the people sitting on the bench at the park weren't too promising either. When I got out of the car, this is what I saw...

The curb grabbed the lip under my car and just pulled the whole thing forward, breaking the little plastic pieces on either side that were attaching it to the part above it. Apparently this depth perception error is going to cost quite a lot because apparently that whole bottom piece of the car will need to be replaced. I'm going to start backing into parking spots.

Update: I took my car to Car Repair Guy this morning and he said he can fix it for about $100! Yay! That's better than a lot of bigger numbers.


  1. Oh Ashley! How sad about your car! You are lucky that this was your first major accident though...I'm glad the numbers are low on putting the car back together again! Look out for those curbs!

  2. Oh my! I can't believe pulling onto a curb did that. I'm glad that it won't cost too much to fix though... I've definitely done that same thing before, and now I just stop when I think I'm pretty far away, and it's usually just right.

  3. Poor car. By the way, I have no idea who is France may be reading my blog. I stopped looking at where my "readers" were from because it wierded me out! :)