Funny Things 81-100

Now that I've shown you just about all of my funny signs, I'm now going to move on to just funny THINGS. (There may still be a few funny signs stuck in there.)

This is one of my favorite things I've ever caught on camera. It was in Aledo, TX, where I taught for two years. It was kind of the country, if you can't tell.

I got this from one of my students. I didn't want to keep it because it was very messy, but I had to get a picture. "This is your heart made out of pencil shavings."

The crazy guy that lived across the street from my old school. The sign in his yard kind of hides it, but he's washing his pretty big dog in a pretty small bucket.

The directions (in English, Spanish, and PICTURES) for cleaning this particular bathroom.

I'm so upset this came out so dark because it's about the best thing I've ever seen. It was a cowboy monkey riding a dog. He even herded sheep.

Best parts: "nutritious," "edible vegetable oil," and "may contain Yellow #5"

More directions on washing your hands. I guess people have trouble with this.

Funny license plate.

Cutest little old man in a little tiny car ever.

This may be the longest "hallway to a bathroom in an ice cream store" ever. I like the cow at the end.

DFW Airport. This non-opening window over an escalator that goes down below this window should not be used as an exit.

One day this was on one of the tv channels.

They need to get a repairman into this bathroom.

Watch out for giant child tourists in NYC.

In a girls bathroom. This was the same place that had the stairs labeled "Vomitory." A weird place.

This is another favorite. I guess his regular A/C that came with the car had gone out.

Ah. Good ol' Captain Sewer. We had to watch this video last summer for inservice the same day we had to go to the Sewage Treatment Plant. It was a good day for everyone. Captain Sewer made it worth it.

You don't see cars towing things very often. Especially tiny trailers with lawnmowers.

What ingredients make something "cheese flavored"?

This guy digs America.


  1. I love it. I guess the key is to keep your camera handy. I'm so impressed with your collection! What an eye...