Funny Things 61-80

Here are a few pictures of funny signs from my travels around the U.S.

This was a crazy menu at the Farmer's Market in Los Angeles.

A really funny bus ad in Los Angeles. The bottom says Auto "o" trabajo, which translates Auto "or" Work. The top: Accidents!

In case you want to, you know, lactate at NASA.

This is a pretty scary sign at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

This reminded me of that one episode of Punky Brewster where Cheri got stuck in the fridge.

This is about the grossest sign I've ever seen. It was at this place at NASA where they figure out how to turn pee water into drinking water on the space station.

Obviously found at the same place.

This was in our hotel room. NEVER hang your clothes from the sprinkler.

This is pretty gross too. Sorry it's so fuzzy.

Stupid NASA notes.

Silly NASA.

Their motto is great.

Now on to a few things from Salt Lake City. This "Caution: Wet Floor" was by one of those fountains with the water coming out of the ground. A little redundant.

"Please do not touch the earth globe."

Real rocks ARE real hard.

Very detailed directions. Follow every step.

The brilliant minds at the Marriott Hotel.

The Texarkana airport couldn't afford the letter P apparently.

I'm glad they printed a sign to tell us the status of the door.

This wasn't funny, but pretty scary. I just ran out of funny signs for this post.