Funny Things 121-140

These are getting worse, I know. I'm running out. But some of these are still pretty funny, including a few I just saw in the past few days.

At a horrible inservice I had to go to last year. This lady had the longest pointer I've ever seen. It was really hard to get this picture.

Worst "garage sale" ever. It was on an empty lot at a stop light in Texarkana.

On the way to Fort Worth once I saw a billboard on fire. A billboard! On fire! This was what was left of it the next time I drove by.


I proudly offer this picture. It's my "couch" after I got rid of my couch right before I got married. I had to sit on something!

Usually the people doing this are around 19 years old. Not 91. So cute.

I love a good smilin' bag-o-ice.

Stupid Waffle House.

This truck was carrying another truck bed upside down in its bed.

The first bus ever made in the history of time.

At the hospital yesterday.

This bathroom offers giant monkey head sandwiches.

Unnecessary, punctuation: bothers' me.

Super what?

This was super hard to get a picture of. Actually my brother got it. Check out the shirt/sock combo.

After the snow in Texarkana on our school playground. Less funny. More just plain ol' cool.

Stupid Arby's.

This is what it looks like when your apartment complex is using the actual building to decide what new color to choose for the complex.

This guy lost part of his car.

I really just want to know the rules and procedures in this place.


  1. A. I need that blueberry picture. FB me.

    B. Hehehe.

    C. What are the old people doing in that truck?