Zoo Field Trip... aka I Still Love My Camera

D's class went to the zoo yesterday and I got to go with them!

While we were waiting to go in, we saw this giraffe sculpture that we noticed had a nest in its nose.

That had a bird in it! (Couldn't quite get this one clearly.)

Funniest thing I've seen a giraffe do #1

Funniest thing I've seen a giraffe do #2

This poor clipped-wing bald eagle was sitting right by the fence of his open air "cage".

This guy had the funniest smile.

Sorry, SKH. I did leave off the pictures of US feeding the birds, because the other lady did a really bad job with them.

This was THROUGH the glass of the monkey cage. Say what?!

This guy kept giving me the stink eye.

Scary alligator snapping turtle through the glass of his tank. Again... what?

"D, frown at the large cost of our small lunch!"
(Grilled cheese, corn dog, 2 bags of chips and 2 drinks: $12)

Then I got a great shot of his beautiful eyes looking up at the ceiling. (His nose is kinda dry and cracking right now. Kinda gross.)

The old lady brigade was also eating at the zoo cafeteria that day.

We ended up staying for five hours and he was exhausted. (We got to meet his class there, who stayed for only two hours. We ate lunch and then stayed two more hours. The old lady brigade greatly increased our time in the cafeteria.)


  1. I have a thing for zoo gorillas, and your smiling one is just classic! Gotta love him! "D" is such a cutie and I love all his videos! Keep 'em coming!

    On a side note, I taught elementary school for 4 years and how I wish I had made notes on all the funny stuff kids say... yours have been a hoot!

    Another side note - hope Jon is feeling better and continues to improve. So sorry for all his headaches and struggles.

  2. Such great pictures with your new camera! I'm excited about going to the zoo again on Monday!