I Miss Funny

I haven't posted funny/random pictures in a long time, so here are a bunch of them. Sorry some of them are bad quality. Most were taken with my less-than-awesome old camera.

This one shocks me. This is what the TV at the house where I work says when you press mute. Seriously. I don't understand how this could have happened.

Yeah. Heart Attack.

These people are extremely excited to be working for the Bell.

Funny little park rule. Under 15 and over 65.

Heart shaped window?

I can see someone dumping their change jar in the library return box.

I was kind of mad one day last week when I saw this sign on a busy street. They shouldn't be allowed to put "damn" on signs.

I was very happy to see this week when I drove by that apparently someone called in and complained and they took care of the problem with some duct tape.

It's the Tool Lady! (I just mainly liked my strategy for getting this picture.)

This reminds me of an episode of Friends where Joey said he got his girlfriend a pen with a clock on it... "So if she's writing and wonders what time it is... hey! There's a clock on my pen!"

This very strange lady was at the daffodil field when we took the kids that time.

You could get "ballons" here.

Or "balloons" on the back side.

I never knew that the Recycle Bin had a limit.

Yeah... like we don't like the silent E at the end of many words.


Creepy huge picture at the kids' dentist office.

Haha! Doodie King! Dot com!

Because when I think of plumbing, I think of Benjamin Franklin.

That w is backwards. Seriously. Can't you tell?

Except what?

Weirdest "I heart something" ever.


A pirate, perhaps?

I want to know what this one used to say.

Something doesn't make sense here.


That's where I keep my carabiner.

Funny window bumper stickers. I don't get the one on the right.

Pretty impossible to read, but WEIRDEST bumper sticker ever. The red one says
Shepherd's Chapel
Galaxy 4 ?? 16
with a picture of a satellite dish. Very weird.

C read this one with an Italian accent.


And now finally a few more funny pictures from the hospital...

In the parking garage... I dare you to try to go left!

I do not plan on ever going into that room.

I don't understand a backwards f.

Is that different from baby mama?

And this last one is only funny if you put it along with this video...

This was in the room across the hall from us. This lady was very loud very often, but I couldn't get a video while she was at her best because there kept being nurses in the hall.


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