A Top Ten List

In honor of us being home from the hospital for a whole week, I offer this:

Top Ten Signs I Was At The Hospital With The Husb Too Long
10. I recognized that Jon's doctor got a haircut.
9. I knew to warn people when the elevator stopped at the 2nd floor going down that it was not the 1st floor because someone almost always tries to get off there.
8. I recognized someone I had come in contact with almost every time I walked into the lobby or cafeteria.
7. I walked around nightly in my pajamas, sitting on gurneys and wheelchairs in the hallways to talk with my mom on the phone.
6. I mastered the art of making the chair bed I had to sleep on relatively comfortable.
5. I not only know the hours of the cafeteria (6:00am - 7:30pm), but also the 30 minutes that they are closed to switch the food from breakfast to rest of the day (10:00 - 10:30am).
4. I know the busy hours of the parking garage.
3. I have Jon's doctor's personal cell phone number memorized.
2. I was aware of the fact that the water in the 5th floor showers is significantly hotter than the water in the 3rd floor showers, and used this information to get a hot shower on the 5th floor from our nurses from the week before.
1. I was giving directions around the hospital to people in the elevator.


On a completely unrelated note...
I am thrilled to know that America finally came to its senses last night! Kristy Lee Cook, the girl who I have placed near or at the bottom of my American Idol talent list every week since Top 24, was FINALLY voted off! Let's see the talent shine! (I still love David Cook and Carly and was pretty near heartbroken last week when Michael went home.)


  1. I can not tell you how impressed I have been to see you keep your humor and optimism during this whole ordeal with Jon. I think it is so cool!! The fact that you can be so funny amongst such difficult times for you guys makes me laugh and cry at the same time!!

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  3. Hey. Cellulite called ^. It wants its name back.

  4. Okay.. Eric and I really like this blog! One of your best. Very cleaver. Sad that it is due to this horrible situation though, but cleaver. :)