Babies Babies Everywhere

Not mine. I do however know SEVENTEEN people who are currently pregnant. Not exaggerating. There are probably more I don't even know about! Are you one of them?

Anyway. I helped hostess a baby shower for Sally, a girl in our Sunday School class. The other hostesses were talking about cake and stuff, and I said it would be cheaper and more awesome to do cupcakes. So I unfortunately volunteered. Never again will I make two dozen each of two different kinds of cupcakes with two different kinds of icing. They were delicious and popular, but a heckuva lotta work.

The cookies and creme cupcakes had an oreo on the bottom!

The baby, Ryder Ray Reynolds, will have a construction theme in his nursery so that was part of the theme of the shower.

My table layout

Sara made a beautiful bouquet for the table.

Sally scored a bunch of presents!

All one million hostesses.

Which brings up a discussion I had with my mom last night. I was talking about how I felt bad for Sally since there were eight hostesses and that was a bunch of gifts to have to buy. She not only had never heard of this tradition, but was also appalled by it. She said maybe it's an Arkansas thing, but I remember going to showers in the past where the hostesses received gifts from the person for whom the shower was being thrown. Here's a poll about it.


  1. Hey, you did a GREAT job on the cupcakes and table. Thanks for all your help!!! The cupcake I had was WONDERFUL!!!

  2. You're such a good baker! You have to try those new things on other people so you won't eat them all for yourself! Right?

  3. WOW I'm super impressed!!! Love those cupcakes!! Beautiful icing. Did I never get your icing recipe? I'm appalled?! Will you give it out? Is it KFC secret? Super cute.