I'm Back Again!

Wow. It's been a while. Jon went back into the hospital on April 2nd and we finally came home on the 9th. He had a third blood patch and a variety of different medicines tried out on him. His head still hurts, but it seems to be getting better very slowly. He's been drinking a lot of caffeine (They were giving him that at the hospital in his IV.) and taking some of his SIX medicines they sent him home with. He just needs to get all better. You can keep up the prayers on his account.

So much has happened that I've wanted to post about in the past two weeks, and I'll gradually put it all up over the next few days. I'll start with last last Thursday (the 3rd). D and I were taking C to tae kwon do and I looked down a side street near the TKD, and there was the Weinermobile! We dropped him off, and even though D looked like this:

I drove back and parked nearby. We got out and I took this picture of him by the back:

We were headed around to the side to take a picture with it, but it closed up its door and started the engine. I was upset that we missed it, but they (they being the firemen who were out taking pictures of it too) said that it was just pulling into the fire station to get cleaned and we could come in with them!

It was a pretty unique experience that probably not many people can say they've had. We did obviously end up getting some pretty cool pictures.

Then the firemen said that D could get up in the truck.

Which led him to want to sit on any other platform or shelf on the whole vehicle...

The firemen were really nice and were answering all of his questions and explaining things to him. And then he got to try on one of their helmets:

Usually we just have to sit in the car in the parking lot bored while C is in class. This was the best tae kwon do day ever! :)


  1. Glad you're back!!!

  2. What an exciting day! You were in the right place at the right time. Great pictures!

  3. Glad that Arbuckle is out of the hospital. Cute pics.