Somebody's Not Happy

I got a comment on my last post about someone putting a link to my poll somewhere so that everyone would vote for Taylor Hicks. I found out where. It's at the Taylor Hicks fan site. They've been coming and voting for him. I'm going to leave the poll up though because a bunch of people have come by that agree with me and have voted for others. So we'll just see where this goes...


  1. That is hilarious! What a funny way to promote Taylor!!! I personally voted for Chris Daughtry with a close second of Kelly Clarkson! Not really fond of any of the guys that won either! These season seems promising...I'm looking forward to watching!

  2. I should warn you now, that many of the Taylor Hicks' fans are completely crazy.

  3. Sunny nice to know you're NOT one of us. (Taylor Hicks Fans)

  4. Again, my point made, I wrote, "many of the Taylor Hicks' fans are completely crazy. That would include you obviously.