American Idol Top 24

It looks like it's going to be a great season. From the looks of it, I think the girls are going to be quite a bit better than the boys this year. This seems to generally be true though. The girls who have won the show (Kelly, sort of Fantasia, Carrie, and Jordin) have done much better than the guys who have won (Ruben and *shudder* Taylor.) Of the 27 names that I put out there the other day, 15 of them were chosen for the top 24. However, half of the guys chosen have never been seen before, except for just a few seconds. The producers really seem to give certain people great advantages over others with how much they show them. It sure works for me! But when the voting starts, I always listen to everyone, whether or not I've heard them before. So here we go. AI Season 7 Top 24:

The Girls:
Kristy Lee Cook - Amazing Grace girl
Brooke White - The nanny who plays the piano and completely adorable
Alaina Whitaker - Only 16 years old
Kady Malloy - Did the impressions of Britney and Carrie Underwood in auditions
Carly Smithson - Irish tattoo girl
Ramiele Malubay - Tiny asian girl

Syesha Mercado - The black girl with the big hair
Alexandréa Lushington - Her great grandmother came to her audition
Asia'h Epperson - Her dad died right before her audition
JoAnne Borgella - Plus size model
Amanda Overmyer - Rock 'n' roll nurse - I don't really care for this one
Amy Davis - I didn't like her in her audition

The Guys:
Michael Johns - Australian guy
David Archuleta - 16 year old kid whose vocal cords had been paralyzed
David Cook - Kind of sounds like Chris Daughtry
Chikezie Eze - Had auditioned in the past
Danny Noriega - Effeminate guy with pretty cool hair
Jason Castro - first time we've seen this guy
Luke Menard - Who?
Robbie Carrico - I wrote "pretty good, rockish" during his audition
Garrett Haley - Eh?
Jason Yeager - Who's this guy?
David Hernandez - Good not great
Colton Berry - I don't know

These are my thoughts based on not very much. The hearts are obviously for people that I already love. Those opinions generally don't change, but I'll let you know. I'll keep the AI posts shorter from now on. They should consist of People Who Need To Leave Now and People Who Should Be In The Finale. Happy (end of) Valentines Day!