Not Buying A Tree

I needed pictures of Jake for our Christmas card, because who wants to see us? So I took him to a Christmas tree farm today to take said pictures. Here are the cute pictures that didn't make it onto the card:

The only piece of scenery there.
It was pretty much just trees.

And here are the other events and outtakes:

There was an animal farm area, because
this place is also a pumpkin patch.

Funny goat.

I was trying to do anything to get him to look at me,
so I was singing the belly button song.
So he was showing me his belly button.

Then he ate his sweater.

Waving at the tractor as it went by.

He stopped to play a little air guitar.

He did a lot of peek-a-boo around the trees.

He fell down a lot. He kept tripping over stumps
and these hoses running down the lines of trees.

"Hi Mama!"

He found a Jake-sized tree.

He did a little dance.

We took Santa to try to get some pictures with,
but Jake didn't care for Santa,
so Santa got a picture by himself.

There were some Christmas pig races.

And as we left, Jake checked out one of the trees.


  1. Too cute!